Breitbart’s Defense Laughable

“Somebody has to stand up to this type of bullyism that happens in the press.  The journalism is corrupt and I’m out there to the best of my abilities and with my conscience, trying to right the wrongs.” –Andrew Breitbart.

This was Andrew Breitbart’s response to CNN in regards to the ACORN scandal.  Seems like a joke right?  I feel like Mr. Breitbart’s conscience must not be very sound if he thinks digitally manipulating and twisting someone’s words is the correct way to right a wrong.  It’s scary that he has such a big following.  Breitbart attracts more than “20 million news page views each month.”  People are drawn to the sensational and controversial stories giving Breitbart more attention and power.  The Internet is his best friend because he can spread misinformation at a rapid rate to millions of people.  Also, it’s upsetting to me that ACORN lost its funding and completely collapsed at the hands of someone who had already intentionally scorned someone before.  I think Eric Boehlert, from Media Matters characterizes Breitbart well.  He thrives off of scandal and sensationalistic material, and makes a living out of trying to tarnish opponents’ reputations.  Also, I find it frustrating that Breitbart never seems to be accountable for his actions since he works for himself.


About Laura Murray

My name is Laura Murray and I am a senior Journalism major and politics minor at Ithaca College. Upon graduation, I plan to pursue a career in broadcast journalism as a reporter or a producer.
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