Social Funding

The idea of social funding to raise awareness about an issue is quite intriguing.  Through the Internet, journalists and filmmakers can now connect with their fans to ask for donations in order to get a certain story or film published.  I think it’s a great way for people to express their interests and concerns.  No longer do people just have to accept what constitutes as news according to the mainstream media, but they can now put their money towards the issues they want to see covered.  I was doing some research on independent media outlets asking for funds and I stumbled upon this article.    The article discusses The Media Consortium, which is a competition among independent media outlets to raise money in order to pursue their work interests.

The Media Consortium website is quite fascinating.  It’s a site where members can “build relationships, strategize, and constructively work together to reinvent the independent media sphere.”  The site lists a group of projects that are currently being worked on.  There are numerous members that subscribe to the site, but some of the predominate outlets include Democracy Now and The Nation.


About Laura Murray

My name is Laura Murray and I am a senior Journalism major and politics minor at Ithaca College. Upon graduation, I plan to pursue a career in broadcast journalism as a reporter or a producer.
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